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First Anniversary of Thiru.P.Titus, Founder and Director of IRCDS - 2nd May 2022

Mass held in St.Francis De sales church in the eve of First Anniversary of Thiru.P.Titus. He founded and led IRCDS for the past 35 years ( 1986-2021). Five Rev.Fathers participated and offered mass. After that, a tribute meeting held@ IRCDS Office premises. Family members, relatives, friends, representatives from CBOs/ NGOs and well wishers participated and shared their life remembrance of Thiru.Titus. CBOs and donors appealed to IRCDS to place a statue of its founder Thiru.Titus.

Well-wishers quoted Thiru P. Titus as a legend in the field of ‘social service’ and promised to take his legacy forward.

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