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“Titus Educational Endowment Fund” – introduced on his 91st Memorial Day

Thiru. P.Titus, Founder and who led IRCDS for the past 35 years and served as a school teacher for 24 years. He had clear understanding about the grassroot reality of socially & economically poor families, he used to support children’s education in multiple ways both personally as well as working along with the Government Educational Department. International funding agencies and different NGO partners. His dream was to ensure higher education of children in order to protect their rights and to improve their quality of life.

In order to add value in realization his dreams, IRCDS has introduced a fund in the memory of Thiru.P.Titus called “Titus Educational Endowment Fund” to support orphan/ semi orphan, most deserving children/ youth belongs to socially excluded communities such as Dalits, tribals and differently abled children to enable to pursue their higher education and achieve academic goals.

Initially IRCDS has contributed Rs. 2 lakhs for this initiative. This fund will be increased by mobilizing from relatives, friends, well-wishers and NGOs. Currently IRCDS identified 20 most deserving students and gave scholarship support on 31st July 2021.

Published on 2nd August 2021