Team & Organisation Chart – IRCDS


Key Persons in the Organisation

Executive Secretary


Mr. Titus is the founder of IRCDS. After his studies, he has started working as a science teacher in 1980. Next to his qualification as a teacher, he also has a master’s degree in sociology and one in educational sciences. Through an encounter with a disabled boy from Tiruvallur District, he got the idea of starting a school in this rural area to give these children the means to build themselves a better future. The school soon evolved into a development organisation for all marginalised groups. Next to guiding the staff, he is also liaising with Government departments, funding agencies and partner NGOs to ensure that all projects are carried out effectively. He is a member of the following District level Government Committees: Viz Women Development, Child Protection, Health Society, District Education Programme, Resource Group.

Programme Manager


Mr. Stephen has started working with IRCDS in 1989. After having completed his studies in engineering and a couple of years of working experience in that sector, he joined IRCDS as a Community Coordinator. Over the years, he gained experience in the field of development and is now the programme manager of the organisation. To add theoretical knowledge to his practical experience, he completed two master’s programmes: one in philosophy in sociology and the second on in public administration. He is managing all programmes ranging from women development, to the empowerment of disabled persons, Child Protection and Bonded Labour. From 2008 to 2011, he has been working as a District Programme Consultant for the International Labour Organisation and currently is a resource person for the CBR Forum for Persons with Disabilities in Bangalore. He is a member of the District Bonded Labour Vigilance Committee and the District Child Protection Committee.

Family Counsellor (Psychologist)

Mrs. Vanaja is working with IRCDS since 2013. Her tasks comprise psychological counselling and gibing guidance to adolescents and children as well as assisting all women police stations and Govt. Departments in handing psychological counselling aspects. She has a master’s degree in Philosophy and Psychology, Guidance & Counselling and Social Work and has nearly 20 years of experience in providing counselling to adolescents, children, drug addicts, prisoners and training in life coping skills.

Warden of Children’s Home

Mr. Boopathy has a Master of Social Work specialised in youth development from Sacred Heart College, Thirupathur. He has about 10 years of experience in the field of child development, child care & protection and is working with IRCDS as a warden in the children’s home since 2013.

Project Coordinator of the CBR-Project

Mr. Magesh has a Master of Social Work specialised in community development from Hindu College, Pattabiram and is working with IRCDS since April 2015. Next to his professional skills, he also is a gold medallist of the Madras University weight lifting competition.

Project Coordinator of the Migrant Brick Kiln Children Project

Mr. Suriyan has a Master of Social Work specialised in community development and is working with IRCDS since April 2015

Women Development & Livelihood Promotion
All the staff has more than 15 years experience in the women SHG field. They have all been promoted from the level of SHG leader to cluster coordinators.

Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities

This team has a lot of experience with the community rehabilitation strategy and has good rapports with Government departments and service providers. They are linking persons with disabilities with different stakeholders to access rehabilitative measures and resources.

List of Executive Committee Members

President: Mr. S. William
Vice – President: Mr. M. Kalirathinam
Executive Secretary: Mr. P. Titus
Joint Secretary: Ms. S. Paripoorana Mary
Treasurer: Mrs. E. Gowri
Executive Members:

  • Mrs. R. Prema
  • Mr. A. Livingston
  • Mrs. G. Jothi
  • Mrs. S. Malliga