Vasantham Federation – IRCDS

Vasantham Federation for Differently Abled is an organisation of and for persons with disabilities (PwDs). Their activities focus on giving PwDs the opportunity to become economically independent and socially integrated. To achieve this, Vasantham deploys four main strategies:

  1. Build the capacity of PwDs through the formation of DPOs
  2. Sensitise PwDs to their rights and responsabilities
  3. Ensure that all mainstream development initiatives are inclusive and sensitive of the needs of PwDs
  4. Facilitate the access to rehabilitation services, mainstream development initiatives, welfare- and social security schemes

The cooperation with Government departments, other NGOs and civil society organisations is crucial for Vasantham Federation. Thanks to the networking and lobbying efforts of Vasantham, some remarkable results have already been booked. The accessibility of schools has improved and access to employment- as well as housing schemes have considerably increased.

Vasantham Federation is a district level federation that counts more than 10,000 members today. Its structure is explained in the graphic below.

dpo structure