Visitor’s Impression – IRCDS

“I would like to thank IRCDS for their committed work for the enhancement and the empowerment of community particularly rural community’s vulnerable people. IRCDS’s Director and their team specially eminent and enthusiastic person Mr. Stephen sir and beloved student and committed worker Mr. Magesh for enlightening our student on IRCDS and its functions. I hope it will be helpful to our students to equip their new skills and motivate them to take new direction. Thank you so much for given opportunities. Thank you“
K. Vasu, Assistant Professor, DRBCC Hindu College, Pattabiram, 23rd September 2016

“Thank you so much for welcoming us in to your program area. We feel so blessed to have met your community members and look forward to seeing the positive effects of our work together.
Many blessings“
Bonar Bell, Communication Officer- CCFC, Canada, 17th Dec 2016

“Thank you so very much for showing me all the incredible things your organisation does. The community you brought me to today was so warm and welcoming. I will do obsoletely everything in my power and use my voice to help make change happen. I wish you nothing but success and love as you continue on your journey to help others. I hope that I can return to this community some day in the future. I would love to visit with these people again. I Love India.”
Rachel Bonnetta, Brand Ambassador, CCFC , Canada, 17th Dec 2016

It was an eye opening experience and indeed a grateful experience for me to visit IRCDS and the teacher training event. I honestly appreciate all the selfless work that IRCDS team does. These work indeed made a positive impact to the future generation.“
Gratefully, Ben Thomas, ILP Volunteer, USA, 19th Jan 2017

Greetings from the Department of Social Work (UG)!
At the outset I would like to thank you for giving us the opportunity to visit your organization and the places (villages) where you are working. It was indeed an enriching and wonderful experience. My sincere appreciation for the enormous and tremendous work done by you for the people. My best wishes to you for your future endeavor. Special thanks to Mr. Stephen and Mr. Mahesh“
Mary Abraham, Head of Department of Social Work (UG), Stella Maris College, Chennai, 25th Jan 2017

Thank you for allowing us to gain a true insight into the remarkable work you do! It has been a wonderful experience. I feel very inspired by the empowering projects you carry out. Such passion from your team is amazing!“
Sara Majiol, Liverpool Hope University, England, 25th Jan 2017

Thank you for giving us a wonderful and eye opening exposure into the rural communities of Tamil! Your work is vital and of extreme importance. I wish you many successes in the fields. Long may you continue to do outstanding work!
All the Best“
Jack Sanderson , Liverpool Hope University, England, 25th Jan 2017

“We, the students and facility members of the Department of Social Work are very impressed by your work and great contribution in the field of rural development. Your excellent work helps us to learn so many strategies to work with people at various levels.
Thanking you”
Tilak Maharashtra, Prakash Yadav, Geeta Toshi, Pune Vidyapeeth, Feb 2017

I was glad to meet you. It was a benefit for me to get to know IRCDS. It was a pleasure to visit these nice programs. Through this visit, I recognized the problems of underprivileged people. We are very interested in coming again.”
Students of KunSan University, South Korea, Feb 2017

I was surprised and inspired with the way, the members of IRCDS work and dedicate themselves for the sake of humanity. May God bless all your efforts. Let your spirit of dedication, enkindle the darkness of the society.

Fr. Jerry, Student, Master of Social Work, Madras School of Social Work, 6th July 2017

Very happy to come across IRCDS and its noble efforts in the district, especially in the fields of women empowerment, rehabilitation PWD and children of migrant workers in their own unique mode. Keep the good work going and spread the happiness among many lives in many years.

Pavankumar, IAS, Assistant Collector, Tiruvallur District, 4th of August 2017

The Community had worked so hard in the CFAM initiative and the children demonstrate so much knowledge & spirit, I am humbled by their participation and desire to grow and develop in a healthy and safe environment. It is a privilege to be supporting such people young and old alike. I hope comeback and see even more!”

Dr. Philip A. Tanner, Director – Programmes and Strategic Initiatives, CCFC, 24th of August 2017

We are thankful for this opportunity to visit IRCDS and be enlightened on the realities. As economic students we have theoretically studied but visiting here has opened our eyes and understand the complexities of rural challenges.

Students Department of Economics, Stella Maris College Chennai, 22th of September 2017

Even though I never visited the various projects of IRCDS, I am convinced of the generous and very good work being done to facilitate and sustain the rural population. The realities of such a world is challenging and IRCDS is cutting through all barriers to attain herculean goals.

Bibi Kuruvilla, South Indian Mentor, DIZ (Germany), 9th of October 2017