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Ms. Athina Topali ( German Volunteer) who worked with IRCDS from 9th March to 7th Sep 2017

Volunteering for IRCDS has given the opportunity to me to evolve professionally as well as personally. Talking to the people, who are directly targeted by the social projects that IRCDS is implementing has given a completely new perspective of what people really need and how help can be provided most effectively.

It had such a huge impact on me that I decided to change my profession after my return at home. What is more is that by volunteering in India I brought myself into the position of coping with situations that I probably never would have faced at home, which has strongly helped me to build self-confidence. But most importantly, I still have the impression, whenever I remember my experience as volunteer at IRCDS, that people, colleagues, Mr Stephen and Mr Titus  - everyone of them was giving the best hospitality and generosity to me to make me feel safe and comfortable. Finally, I had the feeling to have found a family far away from my home and therefore I would like to thank you.“

- Athina Topali 27th July 2021 / Germany