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I am E.B.Palani, from village of Illupur next to Polivakkam. My father and mother are daily wage laborer’s. As I belonged to dalit community, I always concern about my community when I’m studying at school. When I was in 7th grade, one of the upper caste men had tied a Dalit man on a Tamirand tree and tortured him on the whole day for stolen a mango from his garden. I’ve seen this at my very younger age, it broken my heart and I fainted as I psychologically affected/ depressed after witnessing this issue.

Furthermore, we faced so much of discrimination in my village in my young age , we shouldn’t go the temple or fetch water from the public lake, literally we had lived in a state of social injustice without accessing any basic facilities from the government such as village road, drinking water, housing, electricity in 1984-85.

As we were living in such traumatic situation, we had chance to meet Mr. P. Titus, Executive secretary IRCDS. Through him, I’ve undergone social AnimatorS training along with 35 youth with the support of CAPART Government of India. Among 35 of them, I’ve joined as a social worker in IRCDS and I worked IRCDS for 11 years from 1989 to 2000.

During the period of my work at IRCDS, I had undergone lot of training through that, my leadership skills, personality development, skills in advocacy and intellectual development has been improved. IRCDS been a supportive instrument for developing many of my inter-personal skills. Apart from this, IRCDS also provided loans through bank for building low-cost toilets, small tiled houses and the development of women SHG through me. Due to this, I was elected as a panchayat ward member in our Illupur village-1997, again in 2004-05, I was selected as a Panchayat President in our village. In the year 2000, I founded a NGO called “ Integrated Women and Child education, Economic Development Society” and I am managing for the past two decades by applying my learnings

I would like to thank Mr. P. Titus, Founder cum Director and Mr. P. Stephen Programmer Manager IRCDS, for remarkable contribution made in life for my gradual growth.

By Mr. E.P. Palani, Illupur, Kadambathur Block / 14th July 2021