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Mrs. Anusuaya who belongs to most back ward community and was a member of Malligai women SHG, living in Tirur village, Tiruvallur Block. She is a member in Women SHGs for the past 15 years. She obtained Rs one lakh loan from NABFINS for 4th cycle. She utilised it for purchasing a Tractor and using for her own agriculture and renting it out for hire charges.

Mrs.Anusuaya says “we are able to gain good profit in the agriculture due to own tractor and was able to keep the food grains as stock for whole year consumption. Food security of my family ensured through this tractor loan and agriculture. I Due to prompt repayment of dues I was able to get higher loan of amount of Rs one lakh and make it for proper investment”

She also added that “ I never thought that I will be able to get lumpsum amount of loan rupees one lakh from NABFINS through our SHG. Similarly many women members in my village were utilised their loan amount very meaningful manner which widened their horizons and provided an opportunities for improving their quality of life”