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Mrs.Kala, belongs to SC community landless agricultural labour living in Othikkadu village, Tiruvallur Block . Husband is a daily wage earner and very rarely go for work . She has four children. All six family members are lived in one room thatched house when she joined in Velicham women SHG during the year 2012.

This Velicham women SHG obtained three cycle of loans from NABFINS with the facilitation of a Tiruvallur based NGO “ IRCDS” . Under Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana scheme she got grant for construction of a house based on the request made by the Women SHG in the grama sabha meeting. She find difficulties to complete the house with desirable size. Hence she used 3rd cycle of loan Rs 70000 obtained from NABFINS and invested it for completing her house.

Mrs.Kala said that “first two cycles of loans has been utilised to repay loans which was obtained from local exploitative money lenders and relieved from their clutches. 3rd cycle loan was very much helpful to invest in housing. All my family members are felt very happy because I was able to mobilise loan from SHG.

Like Kala many SHG members / NABFINS borrowers utilised loan money for construction of more spacious houses through Government sponsored Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana scheme. Many members are also constructed individual household toilets by availing grant under Swachh Bharat Mission scheme of Government of India.

Thus, NABFINS loan playing complimentary role for the rural women to fill up “financial gaps” when utilise Govt. Welfare schemes with their full participation and satisfaction.