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My Name is Viswanathan from Thiruvalangadu Block in Thiruvallur District. I am working as a Panchayat Secretary ( Govt.job) in Thiruvalangadu Panchayat.

Eight years I am working as a Driver in Government Transport corporation. Nowadays, I am spending my free time by conducting cultural program ( Villupattu) in order to create awareness about gender equality , Children’s education and family peacefulness/ family harmony. Because of all these, my image and respect enhanced among my family and friends. I used to share about child protection in our drivers’ association meetings and my aim is to promote child friendly bus drivers and conductors .

“I worked with IRCDS for 7 years (1999-2004) with full dedication and satisfaction. I’m not able to get this job satisfaction in my current job. During my 7 years tenure in IRCDS, I learnt how to plan different scopes and opportunities existing for livelihood enhancement, Networking skills with CBOs, Govt , NGOs and helped me to expand my contacts with different personalities. My sincere thankfulness to IRCDS where I realized the powerfulness of the word “Dedication and commitment to cause” and the words used to follow in IRCDS “Go to the people, live with them, learn from them and start from what they know”- said by Mahatma Gandhi.

-R.Vishwanathan/ Thiruvalangadu 17th July 2021