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Deep rooted social structures around caste and gender and perceived low values of girls, practices and culture around them make women  and girls particularly as victims of violence.  The victims are not able to access justice in spite of legislations and many efforts made by the Government, to provide institutional support to SC, ST, women and girls facing violence . Most of these victims of violence lack skills to safeguard themselves when they are put to distress. Till date, we have impacted 27000+ lives of rural women

  • Creating awareness among the socially excluded communities
  • Organizing the women in to Self Help Groups ( SHGs)
  • Capacity building on women rights, Leadership and group management, financial management and Government entitlements and schemes.
  • Advocating for their socio- Economic , Educational , Health, Gender, political, cultural and other rights
  • Networking with other organizations and campaigning with similar mission.

Family Counselling Centre: Psychological counselling to needy Youth, women and men, broken families. It also cooperates very closely with local authorities such as the centre does not only focus on counselling and mediation sessions with family members. We are also working with Women Police Stations and District Administration.