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Brief Profile ( updated 30th May 2021)


  • Integrated Rural Community Development Society (IRCDS) is an NGO established by Mr. P. Titus in the year 1986. He has completed Bachelor’s in science, Masters in Sociology and Education and served as a school teacher for 24 years.
  • He founded IRCDS with a vision to serve the poor and marginalized people of Tiruvallur District.
  • His contribution for the past 35 years to the development of rural communities has been recognized and awarded by the Government, Lions Club, Chennai Citizen Forum and reputed NGOs across the country. He passed away on 2ndMay 2021 .He was a social worker par excellence, a devoted leader, grass-root worker, able manager and above all a nice human being who showered love and affection with everyone he met. He founded and led IRCDS for the past 35 years and now the organization stands tall as one of the reputed institutions in the state.
    But as they say, “The Show Must Go On” and all the staff members of IRCDS have taken this loss in their strides and will ensure the legacy of Mr. P. Titus continues to thrive.
  • IRCDS continues to address the root causes of poverty through its dedicated team of professional and experienced staff members.
  • It is a value-based organization, striving to build capacity of the people, in order that they are responsible for their own development. The mission of IRCDS is to build skills, knowledge, noble values and continue to be of service to humankind as Mr. P. Titus envisioned.
  • The project communities such as women, children  persons with disabilities, migrant brick kiln workers have been organized into Self-Help Groups (SHGs) to take active participation in Development, well-being of the families and wider community.
  • IRCDS always prefers to engage with District Administration and Government Institutions to ensure quality delivery of services related to Health, Nutrition, Education and Livelihood to marginalized communities.
  • IRCDS is a member in different District level Government committees constituted by the District Collector
  • The Team is now led by Mr. P. Stephen, Executive Secretary who has completed Masters in Philosophy and Sociology, Masters in Public Administration and PG in guidance and counselling. He has 32 years’ experience in working with IRCDS and managing different development projects.
  • IRCDS is a member in different District level Government committees constituted by the District Collector.

Activities of IRCDS:

  1. Education:
  • Multi-Dimensional Learning space (Smart Class rooms) in Government Schools
  • Inclusive Quality Education in Safe schools (IQEsS)  
  • Child friendly libraries
  • Creative Learning centres (after school program) in the communities
  • Improvement of EducationalEnvironment and Educational  Opportunities
  • Career guidance, scholrship and Mentoring support
  • Capacity building of School teachers, School Management Commitee/ PTA members
  • Ensuring the education of children of migrant brick kiln workers
  • Summer camps for migrant brick kiln children
  1. Early Childhood Care and Development (ECCD):
  • Capacity building of ANC/PNC mothers and young fathers
  • Capacity building of Anganwadi workers & Helpers on ECCD / Learning through Play
  • Awareness on Nutritional outcome
  • Nutri-garden in Anganwadi centres
  • Ensuring the services for ANC/PNC mothers and children from migrant brick kiln labourers
  1. Child Rights Protection and Participation:
  • Child/ youth clubs in the villages
  • Capacity building of Children
  • Interface meeting between children, Parents, community members and child protection actors
  • End child marriage Campaign
  • Utilizing existing space and Creating space for children for their effective participation
  1. Women Empowerment:
  • Capacity building on women rights, Leadership and group management, financial management and Government entitlements and schemes.
  • Programs for Breaking Barriers to Gender Equality
  • Family Counselling Centre: Psychological counselling to needy Youth, women and men, broken families. It also cooperates very closely with local authorities such as the centre does not only focus on counselling and mediation sessions with family members. We are also working with Women Police Stations and District Administration.
  1. Sustainable Livelihood:
  • Financial Literacy among women
  • Facilitate women SHGs to access financial support from Govt. Banking Institutions in order to address their life cycle needs/ relief from Debt-Bondage
  • Marketable skill trainings
  • Facilitate needy families to access resources from Govt. Institutions and Civil Society Organizations.
  1. Empowering differently abled persons:
  • Capacity building of differently abled persons/ family members and community members on “Inclusiveness”
  • Rehabilitation of differently abled persons through Community Based Rehabilitation strategy.
  • Organize differently abled persons as “village level groups” and extending mentoring support to Vasantham Federation of differently abled persons.  
  1. Support to brick kiln migrant labourers:
  • Create awareness and Facilitate Brick Kiln workers to access social security programme from the Government
  • Conduct summer camps for migrant children
  • Data collection about migrant children and share with the Educational Department enable them to mainstream in Govt schools
  • Labour Right Education
  1. Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR)  & COVID Response:
  • Awareness on community based DRR and Response
  • Public Awareness Campaign on COVID and Vaccination
  • Covid Relief activities among most affected communities

Internship and Field work:

Students from different educational Institutions including Tata Institute of Social sciences, University of Madras, Loyola college, Stella Maris and Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Youth Development and Madras School of Social Work are used to come IRCDS for field work, internship, research and rural camps.

Awards Received:

  • Best NGO award received from State Bank of India in the year 2005
  • IRCDS has received “BEST NGO AWARD” from the renowned Institution “Madras School of Social Work” in 2015.
  • Recognized by the District Administration in the year 2018
  • Honored by the Minister of Education for working with Government Schools in the year 2019
  • Best CSR NGO Award in the year 2021

Engagement with Government Departments:

IRCDS is being member in the different District Government Committees, we are sharing our knowledge and experience with District administration, Govt. Institutions and other NGOs . District Collector is the Chairperson of these committees.

  • District Child Protection Committee
  • District Child/ bonded labourers Rehabilitation Society
  • District Health Society
  • District Task Force member of Save Girl Child; Educate Girl Child (BBBP)
  • District Resource Group (Education Department)
  • District Education Advisory Committee
  • District Professional teachers Development Society
  • District Bonded Labour Vigilance Committee
  • District Noon Meal Programme Monitoring Committee
  • District Development Coordination and Monitoring Committee (DISHA)
  • District Coordination Committee to respond COVID – 2<ndwave (constituted by the District Collector on 27th May 2021)

District Collectors / Additional Collectors participated in our Programmes :





Thiru. S.K.Prabakar, I.A.S.

District Collector


Dr.Santhosh Babu, I.A.S  

Addl. Collector (Dev.)


Tmt.Jaya, I.A.S   

Addl. Collector (Dev.)


Thiru. P.Sivasankaran, I.A.S

District Collector


Thiru. Pankaj Kumar Bansal, I.A.S.

District Collector


Dr. Rajendra Kumar, I.A.S.

District Collector

2012 – 2014

Thiru. K.Veera Raghava Rao, I.A.S.

District Collector

2016 – 2018

Tmt. E.Sundaravalli, I.A.S

District Collector

2018 – 2019

Tmt. Mageswari Ravikumar, I.A.S.

District Collector

District Superintendent of Police (SP) Participated in our programme ( Year 2020 and 2021)

  • P.Aravindhan, I.P.S, Superintendent of Police, Tiruvallur  

State level Officials visited IRCDS  :

  • Rajaraman,I.A.S Executive Director, Tamil Nadu Women Development Corporation limited
  • Anuradha Rajivan, I.A.S, Managing Director, Tamil Nadu Women Development Corporation limited
  • Palaniappan, I.A.S, Director of Social Welfare
  • Gariyali, I.A.S, Social Welfare Secretary to the Government of Tamil Nadu

Key Government Officials visited I RCDS for Learning exposure Visit:


Tmt.P.Amudha, I.A.S  

Addl. Collector (Dev), Erode


Thiru .R.Thiagarajan, I.A.S

Addl. Collector (Dev), Nilgris


Thiru.Manivasan, I.A.S   

Addl. Collector (Dev), Coimbatore

Contact details information:

Integrated Rural Community Development Society (IRCDS)
#13, Dr. Abdul Kalam Street, MDM Nagar, Tiruvallur – 602001
Tiruvallur District, Tamil Nadu,India
Phone: 044 27660084
Contact Persons:
P. Stephen, Executive Secretary
Mobile: +91 9443417433 /+91 9566047433
D.Vijayan, Program Coordinator Mobile: +91 9159711841 / +91 9908346956

Email: ircds1986@gmail.com   Website: http://ircds.in/  

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ircdsindia

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqVznuqTrt6cq23-hj2cxXw

twitter: https://twitter.com/IRCDS1

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