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"The daughter of a migrant brick kiln laborer is studying Bachelor of Engineering with the support of IRCDS & India Literacy Project( ILP)

Ms. Rani (name changed), from Villupuram District, belongs to the Scheduled Caste community. She is the first in her family to pursue higher education. Ms. Rani has enrolled in the first year of B.E. (Aeronautical Engineering). Her parents work as migrant brick kiln laborers in Tiruvallur District for six months, while her father takes on daily wage work for the remaining months to support the family financially. She has an elder sister who works as a lab technician, and two younger sisters who attend a government school in Senji, Villupuram District. IRCDS and ILP have provided a scholarship to support Rani's education. She is determined to study well, secure a good job, and take care of her parents and her own future.

"A girl from single parent family is achieving her dream after overcoming numerous struggles"

Ms. Selvi (name changed), a student from Tiruvallur District, is currently pursuing her 4th year of B.Sc (Operation Theatre and Anesthesia Technology) in Chennai. Facing the unfortunate loss of her father during her 3rd year, Selvi's mother, a landless agricultural daily wage earner, now struggles to make ends meet with a meager daily income.  However, Selvi's determination remains unwavering. She received a scholarship under IRCDS – ILP program, to help overcome the financial challenges she faces. Despite her circumstances, Selvi has excelled in her studies, achieving an impressive score of 70% in her first year. She expresses deep gratitude to IRCDS and ILP for bridging the financial gap and enabling her to pursue her education.

"An orphan girl being taken care of by her elderly grandmother is studying B.Com "

Ms. Shanthi (name changed), from Tiruvallur district, faced the loss of her parents at a young age. Raised by her grandmother alongside her siblings, they endure financial challenges in their rented home. Currently in her second year of B.Com (General) studies, Shanthi has an annual fee of Rs. 25,000/-. Despite her grandmother's meager income of Rs. 1,000/- from an Old Age Pension, she had to sell their land to cover expenses. In this difficult situation, IRCDS and ILP stepped in, granting Shanthi a scholarship of Rs. 15,000/- to help pay her college fees. Grateful for the support, Shanthi successfully passed all her subjects with a 74% result, expressing, "Without the assistance of IRCDS and ILP, I would have been forced to abandon my studies. I extend my heartfelt thanks for making my dream come true."