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IRCDS is building youth leadership for climate change,climate resilience and carbon reduction in our communities. These initiatives contribute to achieving the Sustainable Development Goal 13 :“Climate Action”.

We help young people to play an active and contributory role in awareness-building, climate literacy, encouraging sustainable lifestyles, developing and conserving biodiversity, supporting eco-friendly practices and facilitating mitigation interventions aimed at controlling and tackling the challenges of climate change and improving their quality of life. As part of this, we have established Oxy parks (micro forests). These trees produce more oxygen compared to other trees and can withstand drought. The maintenance of these micro-forests is being carried out by the Government Panchayat administration and respective local youth groups.

IRCDS feels pleasure to be a part of this great initiative taken by Children Believe in building Youth - Led Climate Action in India with the support of Canada Fund for Local Initiatives