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Domain # 1 : Bonded Labour
Bringing hope to the hopeless
PREVENTION AND ELIMINATION OF BONDED LABOUR :The potential and limits of microfinance-led approaches
Microfinance-led Strategies to Eliminate Bonded Labor
Breaking the chains Eliminating slavery, ending poverty
MAKING MICROFINANCE WORK Managing Product Diversification
Domain # 2 : Persons with Disabilities
Role of CBOs towards Mainstreaming
Mainstreaming disability :
Role of Churches in Mainstreaming Disability :
Domain # 3 : Women Development
His Excellency Governor of Tamil Nadu participated in our women federation organized “ International Women’s Day”
Marketing Functions: Women Self Help Groups Carrying on Dairy Business
Domain #5 : Child Development & Nutrition
Child friendly communities :
Krishi Vigyan Kendra Knowledge Network :
Domain # 6 : Rural Development
Village Development Model:
Domain # 7 : Internship
Students Internship