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Suganya, a dalt girl studying 10th grade in local Government school, Sendranpalayam village, Poondi Block. She is a CFAM group representative. Sugnaya says “after the training I shared information about child protection, breaking gender barriers, gender equality with other children, parents and community members. Tremendous changes happened in our village especially among children on Gender. I talked with our CFAM children about caste discrimination how far affects us and we need to work collectively to eliminate such discriminatory practices. In order to achieve this “we all need to study beyond schooling and develop our skills”.

She was an instrumental to stop two child marriages. She was played pivotal role in rescue of four tribal children who are worked as child labour in a mechanic shop. All these four children are re-enrolled and now continuing education. Her mother is a president of the Parent-Teachers Association. Her mother is very encouraging for the efforts of Suganya. In the recent January 2020 CFAM group members under the leadership of Suganya visited in and around their villages and creates awareness among more than 450 people about child-friendly communities through Signature Campaign. Suganya said “my self –confidence increased and respect and recognition in my village enhanced due to our CFAM group and changes happened “within me”. I will promote more “sugnayas” not only in my village and nearby villages as well. Girls and boys are equally treated in the family, community, schools and public places that is my vision and working for this whenever I get free time”.